About DH@CWorks

Welcome to DH@CWorks – the Digital History at Carleton Workshop.

DH@CWorks is designed to facilitate and promote a unique series of digital collaborations between Carleton students and external partners.  Our goal is bring not only history students into conversation with these community partners, but to actively coordinate digital history projects that are shared between departments and disciplines..

Funded through the Carleton Innovation Forum program, our vision is that this website and its related activities will 1) facilitate networking and contact with community partners, 2) coordinate a variety of distinct class projects that are connected to external partners and, where possible, shared across different departments and disciplines, 3) provide tangible infrastructure and material support for class-based new digital media projects, 4) ensure that such projects are completed, made accessible, and archived for future reference or further refinements.

This website offers both an internal space for digital projects to develop, and offers a public showcase of completed projects to demonstrate the work accomplished by such collaborations.

If you are interested in establishing a partnership, or have a class that is looking for digital projects to work on, please contact the DH@CWorks Coordinator, James Opp.