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Get support for DH@C Works from your classmates and administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the basics for registering, creating a group, creating a site and curating your content. If your answer isn’t here, feel free to post your question in the Support Forum.


  • WordPress: This is the publishing platfom which allows you to (you guessed it) publish content. It has been known as a blogging platform and more recently a full-featured CMS (content management system). Will be referred to as “WP”.
  • BuddyPress: Described as “social networking in a box”, it can be implemented in many different ways. On DH@C Works, it’s used for all inter-project communication. Think of it like an intranet. Each project has it’s own group and discussion for that project will happen in that group. Will be referred to as “BP”.
  • Theme: A collection of files which present your content any way you like. If you have permission, you may create your own theme (speak to an admin). You can edit theme options however to change the look of your site without knowing any code. If you have permissions, edit theme options is under the “Appearance” tab in the WP dashboard.

About the Admin Bar

At the very top of every page is the admin bar. All pages on DH@C Works are accessible at all times within 2 clicks via the admin bar. If you’re wondering how to get somewhere, try here first.

How to Register

You must register using a domain. This includes Hit “Sign Up” in the admin bar at the top of any page (you must be logged out to see this link).

How to Create Your Project Site

In the admin bar, go to My Sites > Create a Site! You must be logged in to see this link.

Content Tips

Following a few simple rules when creating content will ensure you reach your audience and keep them happy.

  • Use short, descriptive titles. This means all titles – your site, group, posts, pages, documents, etc.
  • Use categories. If you leave a post as “Uncategorized”, your post is not findable once it’s pushed off the front page. Making use of a few simple categories will dramatically clean up your archives.
  • Filler content won’t be read. Consider your audience in everything you write. Know what they are looking for and provide it. You’re writing for them, not yourself. Read more about “Killer Web Content” here.

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