DH@CWorks is designed to encourage and promote partnerships between the Carleton community and external heritage organizations, cultural institutions, non-profit associations, and other groups interested in the public expression of historical knowledge.  DH@CWorks can help organizations make connections to the academic community, including faculty, students, and relevant programs, with the goal of forming collaborative and productive partnerships for both the short term and long term.  Depending on the project and resources, we have a small budget to facilitate the successful completion, promotion, and hosting of digital history projects.

We pleased to be actively involved with projects and partnerships from a variety of institutions and organizations, including:

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Nepean Museum
Parks Canada

If you have a project in mind, or want to inquire about possibilities for connecting with students, classes, internships, practicums, or other arrangements, please contact the DH@CWorks co-ordinator, James Opp: james_opp [at]